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chronicle of our house

On August, 09th 1865 Mr. Josef Seitz bought a plot of land for 570 Gilders. In 1866 the house was built, after this, the stable was built.

To change a part of the building to a pub / restaurant it was enlarged in 1868/1869. After this Mr. Gaudenz Steiner bought the building for 15.000 Mark. Next Mr. Georg Schmid from Peiting bought the building for 28.800 Mark on 19.05.1897.

One year later, on 01.08.1898 family Josef and Emilie Mößmer bought the building for 27.500 Mark. On 17.11.1900 Mr. Josef Haf from Weissbach baught it for 25.300 Mark.

On 18.11.1903 family Josef and Barbara Babel from Pfronten bought the building. At the time family Babel were the owners, Mrs. Anna Kümmerle from Schwangau has been the leaseholder of the pub / restaurant for only a short time. In the years between 1869 an 1903 nothing had been changed on the building.

From 1903 the owner was Mr. Josef Babel, the building was enlarged.

In 1905 the stable was enlarged. After this the hall was built by the builder Josef Hitzel from Schwangau. After this, the building was sold to Mr. Josef Knestele from Wiggensbach. During the time Mr. Knestele was the owner, a lot of renovations were made and new buildings added.

In 1922 the hall was enlarged. Above the stable and the garage there were built the first guest-rooms. The first gas-station was opened, it was from the Shell company. Mr. Knestele changed the name to "Hotel zur frohen Aussicht" ( Hotel of the happy view ) The previous name was "Seitzenwirtschaft" ( ?? ). Knestele not only owned the restaurant and hotel, he also owned a farm and a small business with horse-carriages which his son oparated and later he changed this business to a rental-car-business.

In 1936 the artist-painter Hämmerle bought the hotel/restaurant "Zur frohen Aussicht" for 100.000 Mark. He immediately started renovating and enlarging the hotel. The garages and stables were changed to the "Weinstube", a the kitchen and other rooms. The hall was renovated and the facade changed. The front was painted. A bowling-alley has been built, which was demolished again in 1979.

The Hotel "zur frohen Aussicht" was getting a real good hotel since the years which became the name "Schwangauer Weinbauer".

On 09.05.1940 Mr. Hugo Köpp from northern Germany bought the Hotel without the farm land. The present owner of the farm land is the family Hämmerle.

The years from 1940 till today

From 1941 to 1944 Mr. Hugo Köpp lend the building without the pub "Bierstube" to the "Rote Kreuz" (Red Cross). Especially children, with their mothers who lost their homes because of the air raids, the red Cross gave them a temporary home.

From 1944 untill the end of the second world war, the "Weinbauer" has been a hospital of the German army. It was fully booked all the time. Since this time the "Bierstube" has been a regular pub.

After the war the US-Army confiscated the "Weinbauer" to accommodate VIP´s of the US-Army. The restaurants were used by the army as a casino. In the years 1945 – 1946 the "Bierstube" was not open to the public. A few months after the end of the war untill 1947 in the Hotel "Weinbauer" the organisation "Care" served and financed good and warm meals for schoolkids living in poverty.

In 1946 the americans left unexpected. From this time on untill 1950 the hotel was full, sometimes even overcrowded with refugees from the eastern territories.

After this time, while Mr. and Mrs Köpp were the owners the "Weinbauer" again became a very good hotel.

In 1954 Mr. Köpp died. His wife managed the hotel by herself and sold it in May 1966 to the "Hasenbrauerei" (rabbit-brewery) in Augsburg. The brewery was the owner from 1966 till 1979 and subleased the Hotel up from December 1970 to the family Schwarzmann, who began renovating as they were the leaseholders. They installed toilets, a new heating system and renovated the hall.

In May 1979 Mr. and Mrs. Schwanrzmann bought the Hotel from the "Hasenbrauerei". Mr. Schwarzmann started the Planning of a new guest house on the back of the hotel.

In the years 1988 till 1990 the hall was renovated, they built a new kitchen and the rooms on the first floor were equipped with bathroom and modern standard.

Mr. Schwarzmann died in February 1998. Since that time Mrs. Schwarzmann and her daughter Daniela are managing the Hotel Weinbauer.

In 1999 the corridor has been renovated and equipped with new standard lights.

In 2002 the back part of the restaurant was renovated and getting a new non-smoking-area.

At the beginning of 2003 all the rooms in the new guest house were renovated and in autumn the Bierstube was renovated completely, but the old style was maintained.

The most important step was the expansion in the beginning of 2004. The new Spa-centre with sauna, steambath, minigym, relax-area with a view to the Bavarian mountains, whirlpool, solarium and the possibility for getting massages and cosmetics in the little beauty-area was opened at 1 July 2004.

In spring 2007, the attic above the main house which was until now the oldest floor in the hotel, was rebuilt to 7 modern rooms with rustic oak flooring. In this phase also the entire roof of the main house was re-covered.